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Till date the department has had 73 alumni who have graduated and established themselves at far and wide at various centers both within and outside India.

Dr. M.H. Khan (Late) - 1967

Thesis: Nose defects in unilateral cleft

Dr. M.C. Joshi - 1968

Thesis: A Study of the value of Reconstructive surgery and other measures in the loss of Hand and Forearm

Dr. S.N. Tandon - 1968

Thesis: A cephalometric analysis and Histographic study of the Cleft Lip.

  Dr. Ramesh Chandra - 1968

Thesis: Role of super grafting in reconstructive plastic surgery

Dr. R.N. Sharma - 1970

Thesis: A cephalometric analysis and Histrographic study in patients with palatal Cleft

Dr. Maya Mathur. - 1970

Thesis: Nose Defects in Unilateral Cleft

Dr. Ramesh Arora - 1971

Thesis: Sex Chromatin and urinary 17 Ketosteroid study in development anomalies of internal genitalia.

Dr. S.C. Jain - 1971

Thesis: Occult cleft of the palate.

Dr. Tatsat Misra - 1971

Thesis: Some Observations on the Vascular pattern of the skin flap

Dr. N.K. Mehdirata (Late)- 1972

Thesis: Experimental and clinical study of mid-dermis Graft.

Dr. V.N.S. Yadav - 1974

Thesis: A study of dermatographics in surgery patients

Dr. Dinesh Kumar - 1974

Thesis: A study of sperm agglutinin antibodies in vasectomized males

  Dr. N.C. Sanyal (Late) - 1974

Thesis: Flexor tendon injuries of Hand

Dr. S.D. Pandey - 1975

Thesis: Evaluation of vascular pattern of skin flaps.

Dr. R.K. Tiwari - 1975

Thesis: Role of aspiration biopsy in diagnosis of tumours.

Dr. B. Dayal - 1977

Thesis: Nasal deformity in unilateral cleft.

  Dr. I.J. Gupta - 1978

Thesis: A study of hearing loss in patients of cleft lip and palate

Dr. J.C. Sharma - 1978

Thesis: Role of various flaps in the management of pressure sores.

Dr. I.P. Singh - 1982

Thesis: The Philtral groove in cleft lip and palate.

  Dr. Rahul Sahai - 1982

Thesis: Observation of vascular pattern and conventional and myocutaneous flaps

Dr. N.C. Agarwal - 1983

Thesis: A study of Myocutaneous flaps.

  Dr. Arun Kumar Singh - 1984

Thesis: Evaluation of Limberg's flap in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Devendra Kumar - 1984

Thesis: Evaluation of utility of myocutaneous and muscle flaps in compound fractures.

Dr. Pramod Kumar - 1985

Thesis: The role of early tendon transfer in Radial nerve paralysis

Dr. S.P. Bhagia (Late)- 1985

Thesis: Clinical application of Fasciocutaneous flaps in Plastic Surgery

  Dr. Rakesh Kalra - 1985

Thesis: Evaluation of the radical mobilization of muscle in cleft lip repair

Dr. Surajit Bhattacharya - 1986

Thesis: Adduction contracture thumb.


  Dr. Pramod Kumar - 1986

Thesis: A Clinical Study of  Flaps based on subscapular axis.

  Dr. G.S. Kalra - 1988

Thesis: Evaluation of various flaps in the management of hand injuries.

Dr. Y.P. Singh (Late) - 1989

Thesis: Diagnostic membrane - A Biological Dressing

Dr. Sashi K. Gulati - 1990

Thesis: Evaluation of various loco regional flaps in management of skin defects in upper limb.

Dr. Pradeep Tewari - 1990

Thesis: C.T. Scan study of nasal deformity in cleft.

  Dr. Indivar Upadhya - 1991

Thesis: C.T. Scan study of Maxillary hypoplasia septal deformities in cleft.

  Dr. S.C. Sood - 1991

Thesis: A study of functional restoration and evaluation of sensibility in Hand.

  Dr. Deepak Ahuja - 1992

Thesis: Comparative analysis of newer flaps for management of pressure sores.

  Dr. R.P. Singh - 1992

Thesis: A study of vascular basis of fasciocutaneous flaps of the leg and their clinical appliance

Dr. Shardendu Sharma- 1993

Thesis: A study of distally based fasciocutaneous flaps of  arms and forearms

  Dr. Prabodh Mishra (Late) - 1993

Thesis: An evaluation salvage procedure in Mechanical form injuries of upper extremity

Dr. Anupam Sharan - 1993

Thesis: A study of Viability of exposed bone and effect of soft tissue coverage

Dr. Adarsh Kumar - 1994

Thesis: A study of Procedures for Salvage and Reconstruction of Nail its bed and fold

Dr. Vipin Sahgal - 1994

Thesis: A clinical and Radiological evaluation of velopharyngeal in competence and its management with various surgical procedures.

Dr. K.K. Pathak - 1994

Thesis: Evaluation of Rigid Fixation By Miniplates in Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Vaibhav Khanna - 1995

Thesis: Study of Calvarial Bone graft for Cranio Facial Reconstruction

  Dr. Jayanto Tapodar - 1995

Thesis: Endoscopic release-A Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  Dr. Akhilesh Sharma - 1995

Thesis: A study of body contouring by Liposuction and dermolipectomy

  Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi - 1996

Thesis: A study of the uses of fibrin tissue adhesive in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sunil Srivastava - 1996

Thesis: The Retrospective and Prospective clinical study of Mandibular fracture

  Dr. Anu Bhushan - 1996

Thesis: Evaluation of Joshi's external Stabilization system (J.E.S.S.) for salvage and restoration of Hand function

  Dr. Rajiv Agarwal - 1997

Thesis: The role of Liposuction and Dermolipectomy in Body Sculpturing

Dr. Prabhat Srivastava - 1997

Thesis: A clinical Evaluation of Reverse vascular flaps for soft tissue defects of upper limb.

Dr. Sharad Khandelwal - 1997

Thesis: Observation on the management of soft tissue defect of Eyelids

  Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia - 1998

Thesis: A Study of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and its reconstruction

Dr. Sunil Sharma - 1998

Thesis: A Clinical study of restoration of sensibility in insensate areas.

Dr. Shishir Agarwal - 1998

Thesis: A study of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and its reconstruction

  Dr. Vijay Kumar - 1999

Thesis: A Clinical Study of Restoration of Sensibility in Insensate Areas

  Dr. Aditya Agarwal - 1999

Thesis: The Role of Macro and Miniplate Osteosynthesis in Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Deepak Nanda - 1999

Thesis: A Study of Adipofascial flaps in Reconstructive Surgery

  Dr. Rajeev Kumar - 2000

Thesis: Use of miniplate in fracture phalanges and Metacarpals.

  Dr. Biraj Naithani - 2000

Thesis: Total Ear Reconstruction - Clinical study

  Dr. Aditya Ray - 2000

Thesis: Vaccuum Suction for non-healing pressure sore & ulcer

  Dr. Sudhir Kumar - 2001

Thesis: Prospective study of current  modalities  in the treatment of Hypo pigmented skin lesion

  Dr. Salil Malik - 2001

Thesis: To prospective study  to evaluate the role of distraction histogenesis in plastic surgery

  Dr. Harish Sharma - 2001

Thesis: Vascular micro sutures with Abs. and  Non-Abs suture- A comparative study

Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra - 2002

Thesis: Role of various modalities for the management of facial scars.

drrkmishra@hotmail.com rkmishra@sips.in
  Dr. Sadhana Trivedi - 2002

Thesis: Ear reconstruction- A continuing challenge.

Dr. Rao Krishna - 2002

Thesis: A study of the role of distraction osteogenesis in plastic surgery

Dr. Upendra Sharma - 2003

Thesis: Patency rates of end to end vs end to side microvascular anastomosis: A comparative study

  Dr. Mohit Goyal - 2003

Thesis: A study of epidemiology and outcome of midface fracture management.

  Dr. Charu Sharma - 2003

Thesis: A study of restoration of function of metacarpophalangeal joints

Dr. Sumit Malhotra - 2004

Thesis: A clinical evaluation of perforator based flaps

Dr. Neeraj K. Agarwal - 2005

Thesis: Intra compartmental pressure measurement in acute compartment syndrome of the extremities

Dr. Aninda Mandal - 2005

Thesis: A clinical evaluation of role of intraoral distraction in mandibular hypoplasia

Dr. Suresh M. Chaware - 2005

Thesis: Evaluation of unstented vs stented microsurgical anastomosis.

Dr. Vinay K Shankhdhar - 2007

Thesis: Role of interpositional vein graft to maintain distal tissue perfusion An experimental study

Dr. Brijesh Mishra - 2007

Thesis: Role of Nasoalveolar  moulding in correction of Cleft Lip Nose deformity

Dr. Durga Karki - 2007

Thesis: Management  strategies in patients with  brachial plexus  injuries

Dr. Vivek Saxena

Thesis: Evaluation of Role of Cultural Epithelial cells in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Prateek Arota

Thesis: Evaluation of various Adjunct Preoperative Procedures in Extirpation of Vascular Malformations

Dr. Divya Narayan Upadhayay

Thesis: Distraction osteogenesis in craniofacial surgery

Dr. Romesh Kohli

Thesis: Comparison of various suture techniques in performance of end to end microvascular anastomoses in arteries and veins in Rat

Dr. Mahendra Mohan Gupta

Thesis: A study of Restoration of Elbow Flexion in Brachial Plexus patients.

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan

Thesis: Evaluation of Velopharyngeal function using Nasoendoscopy in cleft Palate patients.

Dr. Faisal Ameer

Thesis: A study of Evolution of Instrumentation in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Sunil Arora

Thesis: Evaluation of various methods of management of Vascular Malformations confined to extremities.

Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra


Dr. Lokesh Handa


Dr. Sushant Luthra


Dr. Nandani R



Dr. Ateesh Borole


Dr. Yogesh Shenoy


Dr. Manajeet Patil